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PFI Plant

The power factor of a load is defined as the ratio of active power to apparent power, i.e. KW:KVA and is referred to as cos φ. The closer cos φ is to unity, the less reactive power is drawn from the supply.

Why PFI is Necessary:

*  A reduction in the overall cost of electricity can be achieved by improving the power factor to a more economic level.

* The supply will be able to support additional load which may be of benefit for an expanding company.

* Reducing the load on distribution network components by power factor improvement will result in an extension of their useful life.

Application: Any installation, including the following types of machinery or equipment is likely to have a low power factor, which can be corrected incorporating a suitable PFI plant, with a consequent saving in charges:

a)  Induction Motor of all types.

b)  Power Thyristor installations for DC motor control & electro-chemical processes.

c)  Power transformer and voltage regulators.

d) Welding machines.

e)  Electric-arc and induction furnaces.

f)  Choke Coils and Magnetic systems.

g) Neon signs and fluorescent lighting.