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Power Transformer

Power Plus’s offering includes an impressive portfolio of power transformers up to 400kV and 250MVA built to all major standards like IEC and ANSI. Power Plus’s power transformers are designed to grant the reliable and efficient service over a long lifetime at reduced lifecycle costs with minimal environmental impact. Designs are available in both off-the-shelf varieties when time is of the essence, or tailor-made when you need specialised solutions for your own unique requirements. Our transformers are in trouble-free operation across Asia-Pacific, helping our customers make the most of their power assets, by ensuring efficient use of electric power in an environmentally sustainable way.

They are built for a variety of applications such as :

1. Generator Step-up Transformers

2. Network Transformers

3. Buck-boost Transformers

4. Furnace transformers

5.Converter Transformers Earthing Transformers

6. Mining Transformers

7. Traction Transformers

8. Isolation Transformers and more

The Power Plus Advantage:

1. Robust designs, built for a long service life with reduced cost of ownership over time.

1. European design team, European vendors, European manufacturing technology, but locally competitive prices.

1. Creative financial solutions.

1. Excellent customer service from enquiry to energising.

1. Complete life-cycle support: from installation and commissioning to repair, replacement and spare

Oil-Type Distribution Transformers

Power-Plus offers a complete range of distribution transformers well-suited to both indoor and outdoor applications in utility, industry and infrastructure. The standard range includes three phase transformers up to 36kV and 2000kVA that meet the requirements of both the IEC and ANSI standards. Tailor made transformers  are available for 100kVA and above, offering the most value for money solution for your individual needs while still ensuring shorter lead times and timely delivery.

The Power-Plus Advantage:

1. Compact, low maintenance designs that are built for trouble-free operation.

2. High reliability and lifetime, greater value for money over time.

3. Short lead times and quick delivery.

4. International quality at reasonable local prices.

5. All inclusive service package.


Power-Plus is the sole producer of cast resent transformers in Bangladesh and offers a broad selection of transformers up to 36kV and 4000kVA built to IEC and ANSI standards. Our transformers are suitable for use in utilities, industries and residential and commercial complexes where minimal environmental impact and fire safety is paramount and customers are looking for a compact, trouble free, low maintenance, no hassle solution.

The Power-Plus Advantage:

3.1.Compact design, easy installation, maintenance free.

3.2.Perfect for high density population zones where safety is of utmost concern

3.3.Suited for adverse weather, and extreme ambient conditions, and has minimal environmental impact.

3.4.Continuous innovation and development

3.5.European design team, European vendors, European manufacturing technology, but locally competitive prices.

3.6.Long-lasting products that offer more value for money over time.

3.7.Short lead times and quick delivery.

3.8.Excellent sales support from enquiry to energising